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Preparing the bottle

Preparing the bottle illustration

Can I prepare the baby bottles in advance?

Infant formulas are not sterile products. Therefore, to avoid an excessive microbial development, it is not  recommended  to prepare the bottles in advance.
For example, if you plan on going for a walk, you may prefer to keep warm the necessary volume of water in the feeding bottle (by using a 'thermos') and add the powder just before feeding.
If the bottle is not finished, it must be used within the hour. Do not keep unfinished bottles as bacteria develops quickly. Do not hesitate to throw away what's left. 

Is it necessary to warm up the bottle before my baby drinks it?

We advise giving the milk at around 37°C (same temperature as breast milk and human body temperature).
When using tap-water, it is necessary to boil it up and then let it cool down (to 40°C) before reconstituting the milk in the bottle.
When using mineral water, it is preferable to warm it to 40°C in order to simplify the milk dissolution. Solubility is better at 40°C.
Always check the milk temperature on your wrist before feeding your baby.

My baby has not finished his bottle. He/she is going to demand some more in a little while. Can I keep the half drunk bottle and give it again later?

We do not recommend re-feeding babies with an unfinished bottle for microbial reasons. Bacteria multiplies quickly in milk and the bottle may be a perfect substrate for them. So don't hesitate to throw away leftover milk.