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Breastfeeding and weaning


My little one is going to be 6 months old. I have only breastfed until now and would like to do so as long as possible. Can I breastfeed and give my baby solid foods at the same time?

Yes, you can start giving your baby solid food without going onto infant formulas. You can begin with vegetable puree, fed directly with a spoon. If you pump your milk you can slowly add some vegetable puree to the bottle and still maintain 2 to 3 breastfeeds per day.

I have breastfed my baby and would like to start introducing a formula. Which one should I choose?

Premium formulas are generally recommended to start feeding your baby. Infants 'at risk' of developing allergies or with a familial history of allergies should especially be fed with HA formulas. In this case, feeding with a HA formula should be performed as long as possible. Always ask your health professional for advice.

I breastfed my baby but a diarrhoea occurred, should I stop breastfeeding?

No, there is no reason to stop breastfeeding when your baby suffers from diarrhea. In fact, your baby's digestive system accepts breast milk very well. During rotavirus diarrhea, which is the most common, continuing to breast feed helps to minimize diarrhea thanks to the breast milk’s ability to fight infections. Breastfeeding can also be continued if your baby receives re-hydration solutions as breast milk is low in sodium.

I have heard that breast milk is the best milk for my baby but for health reasons I cannot breastfeed. Is there any milk that is identical to breast milk?

In the past, scientists have tried to formulate infant milk as close to breast milk as possible, which is known as being the best nutrition for newborn babies. However, breast milk composition changes significantly from one woman to another, depending on her food intake or the baby’s age. Breast milk is so complex that it can even vary during breast sucking.
Although we know more about breastfeeding today, it still seems difficult to imagine that infant milk will ever be able to perfectly substitute breast milk in the future.