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Novalac International Medical Research Award

Novalac International Medical Research Award 2018

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Novalac is committed to research in pediatric nutrition and gastroenterology.


Applicants are residents in pediatrics, pediatricians*, PhD's*, PhD students. The applications will be evaluated by an independent board of international experts.

For the second time in 2016, a grant of 12 000 USD has been allocated to support a research project in the field of pediatric nutrition and growth.

This grant was allocated to Margarita Thanhäuser, resident in pediatrics in the Division of Neonatology, Pediatric Intensive Care and Neuropediatrics at Vienna General Hospital.
Her project entitled the PREWEAN Study, aims to evaluate the impact of weaning in preterm infants on anthropometry, body composition, atopy and neurodevelopmental outcomes.


The 2016 winner









                                 Margarita Thanhäuser, the winner of Novalac International Medical Research Award 2016



In 2014 we were pleased to congratulate Julie Fudvoye, Resident in paediatrics and PhD student from the University of Liège, Belgium.
Her project on gestational and early postnatal exposure to EDC (Endocrine disruptors = pertubarteur endocrinien) mixtures is now ongoing.


The 2014  winner

















M. Margossian Novalac CEO, Prof. Raanan SHAMIR (Israel) judge of applications member of the Prize Committee, Julie Fudvoye the winner of Novalac International Medical Research Award 2014


(*) : The PhD or residency should have been completed less than 5 years ago.